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Aluwall is dedicated to manufacturing and developing innovative aluminium composite panels. Using state-of-the-art technology and skilled workforce, we aim to manufacture the best ACP.

We have Double Coat Double Bake Line technology for coil coating. This technology ensures zero elongation cracks on the surfaces of the ACP.

We also maintain stringent quality checks in our fully equipped lab. The production unit is equipped with a team of experts which monitors the quality checks performed at every step.

  • Cupping Test of Coated Coil
  • Dry Film Thickness & Gloss Level Test

The cross-hatch test is done to ensure that the paint coating applied on the metallic surface adheres properly to the substrate.  Our ACPs have a protective film of 80 microns that ensures higher scratch and impact resistance to heavy objects. The dry film thickness test that checks the coating thickness of the ACP is also done at the AluWall lab.

Besides cutting-edge technology, the AluWall production unit also adheres to international norms of safety and environmental sustainability.